My practice is united by a common exploration of social and humanistic ideas that I execute through the mediums of sculpture, new media, installations, and photo-based works.

Beginning with an inquiry into our social and political environment, my interdisciplinary work investigates the development of an individual’s sense of self and the evolution of a shared consciousness.  My work is influenced by my own life and world events inform my production. Here I explore issues surrounding women’s rights, gender and identity, and a concerted reaction to the changing political and social climate of our era. 

One of my recent series of work Evidence of Being was created when I embarked on archiving my career. Out of reflecting on my own history and the challenges of sustaining oneself as a career woman artist in an atmosphere of commercialism this began to raise questions for me about the nature and importance of being an artist.

My most current series Current Affairs explores the political state and how it challenges gender identity, me too era, racism and our human rights as a whole.  Reflecting on the challenges of being a woman artist in an atmosphere of consumerism I interrogate the patriarchal lens through which my work is viewed.  What is important to me as an artist is to continue to explore and create a dialogue with others through my art.