Here and Long Ago
Human hair, wood, mirror, acrylic, plexiglass, and crystals
6 ½” h x 4” w x 4" d
Just a Glance
Canvas, acrylic, resin, imitation gold leaf, and polyurethane
6" h x 4" w x 1 ½" d
Days Between
Wood, metal gold leaf, mirror, polyurethane, and acrylic
28” h x 28” w x 3” d
Wood, metal gold leaf, mirror, polyurethane, and acrylic
22 ½" h x 90" w x 1 ½" d
A Glimmer of Hope
Resin, 22-karat gold leaf, vinyl lettering, acrylic, mirror and wood
5 ¾" h x 16" w x 16" d
Not Forever
Resin, plastic, mirror, epoxy, acrylic, and crystals
82" h x 23" w x 13" d
Sorry to Inform You....
video, Contemplating the rejection letters I received throughout my career, the repeated echoing of non-acceptance grew into, “Sorry To Inform You....”. The video brings awareness to the harsh journey an artist endures to pursue their career. It also expands to a boarder spectrum of being human, from birth we are facing rejection particularly if we are engaged in life.
I'm Still Here
Without The Self
Resin, metal gold leaf, acrylic, velvet pillow, and tassels
4 ¾" h x 13" w x 13" d
Follow the Yellow Brick Road - I Was Here
“Follow The Yellow Brick Road - I Was Here” is a site-specific installation at Center For Book Art
10 ¾' h x 26" w x 7" d
Evidence of Being Video - Art in Odd Places 2019 INVISIBLE
October 17-20, 2019
Duration 2:37
Evidence of Being
Rejection letters printed on revlar (waterproof paper), portable compact audio system, flyers, foam core, pins, and silicone wristbands
80" h x 67" w x 29" d
Insert Here
Paper shredder, acrylic, imitation gold leaf, polyurethane, vinyl lettering and velvet fabric
42" h x 43" w x 43" d
The Thinker
C-print, glass, shredded rejection letters, metal, plastic and wood
82" h x 42" w x 14" d
I’m Still Here
Archival Digital Print
15" h x 24" w
Paper-shredder, imitation gold-leaf, glass, rejection letters, shredded rejection letters, metal, plastic, acrylic, wood, and polyurethane
Dimensions Variable
Rejection, Reject, Re... Installation at Pen and Brush
(2014-2019) Installation 2019
30 of the 38 envelopes, archival paper, museum board, resin, acrylic, metal leaf, polyurethane, and colored wax
Overall installation 119" h x 179" w x 9" d (approx.) Dimensions Variable
Rejection, Reject, Re...." Art in General 1992
Archival paper, museum board, resin, acrylic, metal leaf, polyurethane, and colored wax
5 ½" h x 17" w x 4" d
Andre Emmerich Gallery 1989
Archival paper, museum board, resin, acrylic, metal leaf, polyurethane, and colored wax
17" h x 15 ¼" w x 3" d
Silver Lining - Installation Shot
Linen paper, museum board, digital print, resin, silver leaf, wax, acrylic and wood
26" h x 26" w (Dimensions Variable)
Glass, shredded rejection letter, imitation gold leaf, metal, plastic, and wood
62 ½" h x 43" w x 13" d
Sugar & Spice
Glass, shredded rejection letters, metal leaf, and vinyl lettering
5" h x 6" w x 2" d
Stairway to...
Rusted steel and shattered tempered glass
132" h x 48" w x 48" d
Follow The Yellow Brick Road
Gallery Guide maps of Chelsea inkjet printed on vinyl
Dimensions Variable
Turning Lemons into Lemonade
Interactive multi-disciplinary installation: single-channel surround sound, digital prints on archival paper, acrylic, wood, silver paper cups, glass pitchers, lemonade, and mint
Variable Size, Site-Specific Piece
I Was Here
Digital archival print
24" h x 15 ¼" w (unframed)
Chelsea Then
Collage, photograph, acrylic, wood frame, ¼” shadowbox mat board, and non-glare plexi
48" h x 31" w
Chelsea Now and Then
C-print mounted on aluminum back and non-glare museum plexi front
32 ¼" h x 90" w Diptych (each 32 ¼” h x 43" w)
When Did You Decide to Be an Artist?
40" h x 40" w