“Twins: Just A Memory”, Michael Mut Gallery, New York, NY


“Fragments, Parts, & Pieces - The Sum Of The Whole”, The Center For Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA


“13 Gold Heads Plus”, (Installation) Galerie Kabinett, Bern, Switzerland

“Arlene Rush: Skulptur”, Galerie Hubertus Wunschik, Monchengladbach, Germany


“Arlene Rush: Recent Works”, Gallery Asyl, New York, NY


“Arlene Rush: Sculptor”, Gallery Asyl, New York, NY


“Arlene Rush: Sculptor”, The Armory Gallery, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Blacksburg, VA


“Arlene Rush: Sculptor”, Curated by Fern Mallis and Kate Flaherty, International Design Center of New York, LIC, NY



2020-2021 upcoming

“Cogito, ergo sum – I Think Therefore I Am: Prisms of Identity”, Curated by Bina Sarkar Ellias, Pen & Brush, New York, NY 

“The USPS Art Project”, Curated by Christina Massey, Park Towne Place Artist Studio Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

“Darkest Before Dawn: Art In A Time Of Uncertainty”, Curated by Raul Zamudio and Ethan Cohen, Ethan Cohen Kube, Beacon, NY


“Soul Cakes”, Curated by Francesca Arcilesi and Norma Homberg, AHA Fine Art in conjunction with Local Project Space, LIC, NY

“Americans Looking In”, Curated by Sheri Littlefield and Emile Ahern, Center for Book Arts, New York, NY

"The USPS Art Project," Curated by Christina Massey, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT

“Someone Will Remember Us - even in a different time”, Curated by Lisa di Donato, Culture Lab LIC at The Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY

“ART VIRUS 20”, Curated by Minjung Kang and Jinsoo Kim of JJ Art Map, Inside Gallery, Uichang-gu, Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

“70th A-ONE”, Curated by Barbara O’Brien, Silvermine Galleries, New Canaan, CT

“Remembering The Suffragists, 100 Years of Women Voting in the United States”, Curated by Patricia Moss-Vreeland, InLiquid Online and, Philadelphia, PA 

“The USPS Art Project”, Curated by Christina Massey, Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY

“THE MASKS WE WEAR” Exhibitions of Contemporary Face Masks the collection of Sara M Vance Waddell, Curated by Ena M. Nearon, Pendleton Street Photography, Cincinnati, OH

“ART VIRUS 20”, Curated by Minjung Kang and Jinsoo Kim of JJ Art Map, E-World 83 Tower Exhibition Hall / Duryu Park, Dalseo-gu, Daegu City, South Korea

“ART VIRUS 20”, Curated by Minjung Kang and Jinsoo Kim of JJ Art Map, Craft Art Museum Baunchen, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

“ART VIRUS 20”, Curated by Minjung Kang and Jinsoo Kim of JJ Art Map, Honyun-Gyeongmin Art Center, Uijeongbu, South Korea

“ART VIRUS 20”, Curated by Minjung Kang and Jinsoo Kim of JJ Art Map, Space VANANA Project, Daegu City, South Korea

“SPRING FORWARD”, Curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Arcade Project Curatorial, Online Exclusive on

“ART VIRUS 20”, Curated by Minjung Kang and Jinsoo Kim of JJ Art Map, Gallery Giant Garden, Jeju Island, South Korea

“Ride Through the Heart”, Curated by Francesca Arcilesi and Norma Homberg in conjunction with SFA Projects, New York, NY


“Context”, Miami Basel, Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, Miami, FL

“If These Walls Could Talk”, Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, New York, NY

“Overlap: Life Tapestries”, Curated by Vida Sabbaghi, Pen And Brush, New York, NY

“Invisible”, Art In Odd Places, Curated by Lulu Lolo, New York, NY

“Crashing The Party”, Curated by Barbara O’Brien, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY

“Reflecting the Real", Curated by Mary Dinaburg, Bryan Faller, and Salvatore Schiciano, Gallery on Fourth, Easton, PA

"Art is Money, Money is Art", Curated by Julia Justo, East Village Art View, New York, NY

“Drink Me, Taste Me - An Exhibition of Curious Things”, Curated by Norma Homberg, The Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY

“BOUND/LESS”, Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, New York, NY


"Fire In The Belly", Curated by Laura Gurton and Carole P. Kundstadt, Burnette Gallery, Woodstock, NY

“Overlap: Life Tapestries”, Curated by Vida Sabbaghi, HUB-Robeson Galleries, Penn State University, University Park, PA 

“A New York State of Mind: Stories From The Unusual Suspects”, Curated by Elise Tak, De Cacaofabriek, Helmond, Netherlands

“BORDERWALLS”, Curated by Jamie Martinez, The Border Project Space, Brooklyn, NY 

“Defining Form”, Curated by Indira Cesarine, The Untitled Space, New York, NY

“Your Presence is Requested”, Curated by Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, SFA Projects, New York, NY

“Pop Goes The Weasel”, Curated by William Norton, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Williamsburg, NY

“Forever Young: Selections from the Joe Baio Collection”, AIPAD - The Photography Show, New York, NY

"Art on Paper”, Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, New York, NY

“The Greatest Show on Earth”, Curated by Richard Timperio, Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, NY


"Me My Selfie and I", Curated by Rick Krieger and Jim Furlong, Hudson Guild Gallery, New York, NY 

"Foto Booth", Curated by Larry Walczak, 319W2 Project Space, Erie, PA

“Unnatural Election: Artists Respond to the impact of the 2016 US Presidential Election”, Curator-Activist Andrea Arroyo, The Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck, NJ 

“I’m The Map”, Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, New York, NY

“Unnatural Election: Artists Respond to the impact of the 2016 US Presidential Election”, Curator-Activist Andrea Arroyo, Out North Gallery, Anchorage, AK

"Art on Paper”, Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, New York, NY

"Post-Romance: Artists' Valentines", Curated by Larry Walczak, Eyewash Projects, Renaissance Centre, Erie, PA

"Aphrodisiac", Curated by Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, The Cellar, New York, NY

“Currently 80’s”, Curated by John Yau, Celebrating 80 Years of the Sculptors Guild, Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY

“Selfie”, Curated by Dominick Lombardi, The Schelfhaudt Gallery, Bridgeport, CT

“Unnatural Election”, Curator-Activist Andrea Arroyo, NYU Kimmel Gallery, New York, NY 


“Art For Life”, Miami Basel, SLS Brickell Hotel, Rush Philanthropic Arts  Foundation, Miami, FL

“i found god in myself: the 40th anniversary of Ntozake Shange’s for colored  girls…”, Curated by Peter “Souleo” Wright, African American Museum in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

“Art Votes: Visualizing the Democratic Process”, Curated by Amy Lipton, Gallery Bergen, Paramus, NJ

“Fish Story”, Curated by Raul Zamudio, Contempo 2016: International Contemporary Art Festival, Varna, Bulgaria

“Inferno PT. II”, Curated by Raul Zamudio, Pristine Galerie, Monterrey, Mexico

“Art Southampton”, Mark Hachem Gallery, New York, NY

“Um & Uh… A Valentine’s Day Pop Up Show”, Arcilesi | Homberg Fine Art, New York, NY


“An Inclusive World”, Curated by Vida Sabbaghi, Queens Museum, Werwaiss Family Gallery, Queens, NY

“Going Big”, Curated by Suzan Shutan, Central Booking Gallery, New York, NY

“The Rebirth of Wonder”, CALL FOR BUSHWICK 2015, 98 Moore Street, Brooklyn, NY

“THE SELFIE SHOW | MONA Photography”, Museum Of New Art, Troy, MI

“The Comedies and Tragedies of Gays and Lesbians”, Hudson Guild Gallery, New York, NY


“Sixteen Sweet”, Curated by Ivy Brown, Pato Paez, and Elizabeth Sadoff, Ivy Brown Gallery, New York, NY

“i found god in myself: 40th Anniversary Celebration of Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls…”, Curated by Peter “Souleo” Wright, The Long Gallery Harlem formally “The Sol Studio”, New York, NY

“i found god in myself: 40th Anniversary Celebration of Ntozake Shange’s for colored girls…”, Curated by Peter “Souleo” Wright, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, NY

“Art From The Boros II”, Denise Biro Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY

“Round Hole, Square Peg”, Curated by Phil Tarley, PHOTO LA, Los Angeles, CA


“Group Show II”, Curated by Kaveh Mojtabai, Milton Art Museum, Canton, MA

“Curate NYC 2013”, Online Exhibition by Guest Curator Nelson Santos, New York, NY

“Round Hole, Square Peg”, Curated by Laura Kruger, Hunter O’Hanieon, Harvey Redding, and Nelson Santos, Smart Clothes Gallery, New York, NY

“ISE NY Art Search 2013”, Curated by Nancy Lim, ISE Cultural Foundation, New York, NY


“Fountain Art Fair-Miami”, RUSH Arts Gallery, Miami, FL

“Accepting a New Reality", Curated by Marika Maiorova, Moscow Manege, Moscow, Russia

“A New Reality, September 11th”, Curated by Marika Maiorova, Moscow Manege, Moscow, Russia

“Distressed”, Curated by the Women’s Caucus for Art, LA GALERIA at Boricua College, New York, NY


“Loft In The Red Zone”, Curated by Marika Maiorova, Historic House of JP Morgan, New York, NY


“Human Rights?”, Curated by Roberto Ronca, Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto Trento, Italy

“Open Portfolio New York”, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY

“SCULPT”, Designlush, New York, NY

“What Matters Most”, Curated by ecoartspace, Exit Art, New York, NY

“A Book About Death”, Curated by Sonja Benskin Mesher, MOMA, Wales, UK

“Um Livro Sobre a Morte”, Curated by Matthew Rose, MUBE, Sao Paulo, Brazil


“Small is the New Big”, Curated by Nico Wheadon, Scope International Art Fair, RUSH Arts Gallery, New York, NY

“Group Exhibition”, Curated by Dru Arstark, Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, NY


“Everybody In”, Curated by Derrick Adams, RUSH Arts Gallery, New York, NY

“Locus”, Curated by Katherine Jánszky Michaelsen, 111 Front Street Arts Building in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY


“About Face”, Galerie 1816, Bretenoux, France

“Group Show”, Galerie 1816, Bretenoux, France

“Female Trouble”, Curated by Stacy Stewart Smith, Stacy Stewart Smith Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


“New York Arts Fair”, Demenga Collection, New York, NY


“Witness & Response: September 11th Acquisitions in the Library of Congress", Great Hall, Thomas Jefferson Bldg., Library Congress, Washington, DC

“Reactions”, Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery, Art Center College Design, Pasadena, CA

“Reactions”, Exit Art/The First World, New York, NY


“The Millennium Exhibition”, The Alternative Museum, New York, NY


“Group Show”, Millennium/Lurie Gallery, New York, NY


“Surviving Illness: Stories of Cancer”, Curated by Kay A. Klolzbach and Deborah Allen, Pavilion Gallery, Mt Holly, NJ


“Egg Art 93”, Meisner Gallery, New York, NY

“Imagination”, Curated by Gail Levin, Peconic Gallery, Suffolk Community College, Riverhead, NY


“Finer Points of Life”, Weiner Gallery, New York, NY

“Contemporary Sculpture”, Kenkeleba Gallery, New York, NY



Carole Eisner Award For Sculpture, "70th A-One", Curated by Barbara O'Brien, Silvermine Galleries, New Canaan, CT 


Pat Hearn & Collin De Land Foundation


The Center For Emerging Visual Artists, one-month fellowship to Barcelona, Spain



Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York, NY

Museum of Modern Art, Wales, UK

Museu Brasileiro de Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Library of Congress, Great Hall, Thomas Jefferson Bldg., Washington, DC

Sara M. Vance Waddell, Cincinnati, OH

Mark Golden, GOLDEN Artist Paint, Berlin, NY

Chaney Family Collection, Houston, TX

Joe Baio, New York, NY

Pavel Zoubok, New York, NY

Beth Israel Comprehensive Cancer Center - West Side, New York, NY

ARCO Chemical, Newton Square, PA

The Center For Emerging Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA

American Medical Association, New York, NY


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Queens College, B.A., Fine Arts